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 [AMV] Moonlight - 5th Place Akross con 2017

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PostSubject: [AMV] Moonlight - 5th Place Akross con 2017   Wed Jan 31, 2018 5:33 pm

Under the moonlight!

✪ This is a project that initially was not for Akross, but due to the circumstances i decided at the last minute that I would participate.
This was my first participation in an international contest, honestly that was not the level I would like to edit for a contest as big as akross, I would like to have prepared myself better and made a worthy edition.
I edited this project in less than 2 months, it's not perfect, But I feel like I did a good job.

I took 5th place in general raking
And 3rd place in amv chosen by the public (I was really happy to see this,Because at no time did I ask someone to vote in me, so I feel that those votes are true!)

I would like to thank everyone who supported me with this project, but especially GinBR, who was my beta tester and my main instructor in this project, thank you!
And not forgetting all the other editors who supported me: Mari, Ikuzu, Niel, Scofield, Shinzo, Kazeshin, Kuruta ... Thank you!

▼ Music: Echos & Night call - rainfall
Anime: Wolf Children + others


Akross results:;id=426;l=e

❤️ Thanks for watching.
☎️ Any criticism is welcome.

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[AMV] Moonlight - 5th Place Akross con 2017
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