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 [MEP] - Get UP 起きる!!

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PostSubject: [MEP] - Get UP 起きる!!   Sun Jan 07, 2018 7:15 pm

『MEP』- Get UP 起きる!!

- This was a MEP that was initially hosted by the Kuichi for the Eden team IC, but some problems have surfaced and the MEP can not be concluded for the IC, Now after all we have been able to complete MEP.
That is not our best job, but we hope you like it!

▼ Parts:

Part 1: Kuichi - Boku no hero / One punch man
Part 2: Nagi - One Piece
Part 3: Hikki - Sword art Online
Part 4: Sentry - Pokemon
Part 5: Kortex - Naruto Shippuden
Part 6: Nekroz - Fairytail

Music: Worl lost world- UVERworld


❤️ Thanks for watching.
☎️ Any criticism is welcome.

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[MEP] - Get UP 起きる!!
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